Forgo flashy headlines for sound guidance that sets children up for success.

I recently discussed creating a parent program for a popular app. The project fell through. I’m glad; as it turns out, they craved content that was flashy and sensational, not reassuring and proven. More concerning was the implication that “exciting and new” is better. This all-to-common, headline-driven approach increases stress for parents.

Raising kids can be hard, even without the push for quick fixes. Much of what children need is easy to describe and yet a grind to implement. The understandable urge is often to reach for “new” or maybe “easier.” But an enduring analogy for parents is the famed little engine that could; plans can feel hard to move forward but become more effortless once over the hilltop. Muster the energy to stay the course, and you’ll often find a smoother track ahead.

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