Classes with Dr. Mark Bertin

Dr. Bertin offers classes for parents, doctors, and educators. The classes are typically live, and scheduled directly with groups, schools, and organizations. Some classes are available pre-recorded online.  Please contact us with any questions.


EMPRO Drop-In Program

Dr. Bertin offers a free drop-in program for health care providers the second Tuesday of every month at 8 am EST, and the fourth Tuesday noontime will be added this fall.” 
Register coming soon!

Building a Resilient Family

A realistic and practical approach to parenting, drawing from science and wisdom traditions to guide us towards happier, healthier families.

Buzz words such as ‘thriving’, resilience’, and ‘mindful’ fill headlines and sell books, but what do they really mean, and how do we cultivate these traits in our families? What does modern science say about mindfulness and child development, and how can we use this information to make our families feel less stressed, not more? This 10 day course will emphasize a realistic and practical approach to parenting, drawing from science and traditions of wisdom to guide us towards happier, healthier families. Let us truly let go of the extra and focus on what matters most.

A Course in Mindful Living

Build confidence, calm and a life you love.

Mindful Living is a six-month, online program created by Dr. Elisha Goldstein. The program includes live sessions and guided practices, and emphasizes interactive, small groups meeting regularly online. Each month includes a live session with Elisha, one led by a local mentor, and a support meeting led by class participants. There is also ongoing, supervised discussion within your small group in a secure chat room.

Dr. Bertin is a mentor, and will be guiding one live session monthly as well as available for questions and discussion within his small group. Special interests groups are under development, which may include Dr. Bertin facilitating sessions for health professionals and more.

Build Positive Traits & Habits Through Mindful Breathing

What you’ll learn:  

Breathing meditation may seem like a simple and specific activity to undertake yet in reality it offers layers of meaning and depth for our exploration. Making mindfulness practice a habit, we build far more than only focus. We influence many varied mental traits through that effort and repetition. We become more resilient, precise in our actions, and feel more at ease. Our practice of mindfulness is a marathon, not a sprint. We aim to influence our daily lives without expecting an instant miracle. We’re not specifically aiming to be relaxed, calm or happy. Instead, with each breath we take, we build valuable traits that change how we live. Attention and awareness. Staying settled when uncomfortable. Proactively managing our habits and assumptions. Compassion, and more. For this class, we will stay with our breathing practice throughout. As the intention of this course is to provide straightforward guidance while exploring your breathing practice, it contains fewer theoretical explanations. It is designed so that you can listen to the sessions daily and begin practicing right away. Each week (or however long you choose) the intention for the practice shifts, exploring different aspects of our meditation and cultivating a broader depth of practice. Listen to each session to set yourself up with the instruction. Then once a day, use either the recording of the session itself or a mindfulness-based breathing practice of your choice to explore the session instructions. Trust yourself. Choose where to put your effort and intention. Reveal your innate resilience and wisdom, one breath at a time.

Build Connection, Communication & Compassion Through Mindful Breathing 


Our own breathing practice helps support and protect the world. We each can only do so much, we’re all imperfect, and we all make plenty of mistakes. And yet, setting the intention to practice mindfulness changes life for us, our family and friends, and the world around us too. Meditation builds our ability to relate to our experiences with more intention and skill, not perfect calm or focus. With practice, we each can become more resilient, precise in our actions, and more at ease. With that, our breathing practice becomes not about our well-being alone. Taking time to care for ourselves fundamentally shifts how we relate to, and support, the people around us. Expanding upon and exploring our breathing practice, this eight-week program emphasizes practices that influence how we engage with other people. It’s an easy concept to understand, and a hard one to practice and sustain. Whenever we approach a situation with clarity, unbiased objectivity, and a sense of compassion, that greatly impacts what is likely to happen next. Setting the intention to live in this way changes everything for us, our family and friends, and the rest of the world too.

Interested in classes for doctors?

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