A flexible and multi-faceted approach to managing ADHD symptoms.

A detailed ADHD plan considers a range of interventions around attention, organization, time management, and the rest of executive function, exploring what works until someone feels they are flourishing. An effective and compassionate path of trial and error relies on a clear-sighted exploration of what’s possible without self-criticism or blame. ADHD is no one’s fault and is a complicated disorder often requiring complex solutions.

As an example of what’s possible, here are various options to consider that may help with focus:

  • Adjust ADHD medications: In spite of skewed and unfair misunderstandings, ADHD medication has been around for a century, and is both safe and highly effective when used appropriately. The key is the intensive trial and error typically required to find the right dose while avoiding side effects and also covering as much of the day as possible. And then, whenever possible schedule your work during the time your medication is most effective.

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